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HDS Sports offers self-defense training as well as various firearm training classes taught in a private, indoor range.  Below is a list of the classes that are offered in a safe, clean, professional environment in mid-coast Maine.  Classes are appropriate for beginners to those with advanced firearm experience.  Please feel free to email us ( or call us at 207-563-8811 for additional information and class dates and times.
    Prequisites - A mature mind that understands the use of a firearm is the last resort but, if you have to fight, fight to win!
  • STRIKE AND ESCAPE TECHNIQUES (taught by a martial arts instructor)  $65.  This class is designed for the entire family and teaches you how to escape from a predator using your hands and feet to protect yourself.  Class size is normally 6+ people but group rates are available for more than 8 students in one class.
  • NRA PISTOL SAFETY COURSE (required for conceal carry license) $90.  This class is held the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month but you must be preregistered for it.  Class consists of 8 hours of instruction (9am-4pm) and you'll learn how to safely handle, shoot, and maintain a firearm.  All materials, guns, and ammo are supplied for the class.  Group rates and private classes are also available. 
  • UTAH NON-RESIDENT LICENSE (good to carry in 30 states) $75.  This class is taught by a certified Utah instructor.  If you like to travel and stay safe, this course could be for you.  This is a 4-hour class taught on either the 2nd or 4th Saturday of the month and you must preregister for the class.  With groups of 5 or more, you can schedule the class at your convenience.
  • DEFENSIVE SHOTGUN COURSE $60.  This is a 4-hour course and the dates of it vary.  Please call us for dates and to preregister.  In this course you'll learn home defensive shot gun techniques before you need to use them! 


Have you decided to take the responsibility to protect your family, your home, and yourself?  Buying a firearm is not enough.  You MUST be trained.  Call HDS to learn the tactics necessary to turn victim into victor in a safe, clean, professional environment.

  • CONCEAL CARRY WEAPON COURSE $110 plus ammo.  This course consists of 9 hours of training broken into three 3-hour evening sessions.  You will learn to:  draw from holster, moving & shooting, shooting from cover, multiple target , and shooting out of your comfort zone.  You must have completed a pistol safety course from an accreditied program in order to register for this course.  This is a small class with a maximum of 4 students.  Please call us for dates/times.
  • CLOSE QUARTER BATTLE $110 plus ammo.  This is our most advanced course and you must have completed intermediate firearm training in order to register for it (our Conceal Carry Weapon course will satisfy the prerequisite).  This course also consists of 9 hours of training broken into three 3-hour classes.  You will learn the following:  engaging your target from 0 feet, no light with flashlight , and force on force training.  This is a small class with a maximum of 4 students.


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